Hard drive upgrades & data recovery



One of the best upgrades you can give your Mac is replacing the original hard drive with an SSD. This significantly speeds your Mac up in terms of booting and opening applications. You’ll feel like you’ve just bought a new Mac! We will even clone your existing data to the new drive. Everything will be just where it was prior to the upgrade.


Data Recovery

We all know we are supposed to backup, however the last thing you want to hear when you’ve lost your data is a lecture on backing up, so we wont do that until after we’ve (hopefully) recovered your data.

We use a number of methods to recover your data, and we are at least partially successful about 90% of the time. However, if we can’t recover your data we can point you in the direction of specialist data recovery companies, but be warned prices start at around £1000. That backup drive seems really cheap now doesn’t it. Go and buy one!


Ok here comes the lecture!

Apple have made backing up really easy with time machine, all you need is a drive big enough to hold your data. We like the WD MyPassport drives because they are small and look pretty. Just plug the drive in once a day, once a week, whatever you choose and time machine will do the rest backing up what is new or has changed since the last time you backed up. When people ask us how often they should do this, we ask, how much data are you happy to lose! If the data changes on your Mac on a daily basis you should do it every day. If your data changes rarely then weekly or monthly should suffice.

Ok, lecture over.