UK Apple Macintosh Support in Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Bath, Chester.At MacAssist™ we can of course supply you with the very latest in the entire Apple computer range. But if you’re just looking to buy a Mac at the cheapest price, we’re not for you (but we can point you in the right direction)

At MacAssist we are all about relationship. We think business works best when customer & supplier know how the other works, and this only comes with time. We feel we can better serve you if we know your setup and how you like things done. So when you call to discuss your new printer requirements, we know how that’s going to work with your setup.

If it can be plugged into a Mac, then we can supply it. From printers, to scanners, wifi base stations to displays we’ve got you covered.

Drawing on extensive experience ‘in the field’ you can rest assured that the buying advice you get from us is based on real ‘hands on’ feedback from users and our engineers.

Not everyone needs the latest and greatest product that Apple have released. Often a device that is a couple of years old will do just fine. That is why we offer quality refurbished products at a fraction of the price through or BuyMyApple website. Buying refurbished is not only better for your bank balance, it is better for the planet too!

Install Service.
Whether you buy your equipment from us or not, we can come to your home or office and install it for you. We can install any software you have, configure it to use your peripherals, and connect it to your network. Need to integrate it with your corporate Windows network? No problem, we have a wealth of experience in that area.